If you attempted to verify your affiliation by e-mail, but didn't receive a confirmation e-mail, it's for one of a few reasons:

  1. The vast majority of cases where an e-mail isn't received are due to a typo in the e-mail, even if we allowed it as an eligible e-mail. Double and triple check your e-mail address. You can do this by logging into which e-mail you're trying to verify (such as a .edu), then sending a quick e-mail to your personal account. Copy/paste this e-mail into the verification popup.
  2. Many e-mails are entered as a .com when in fact they were a .org, or vice versa.
  3. Our e-mails don't usually go to spam, but it's a good idea to check.
  4. Some networks are restrictive and our e-mails won't deliver no matter what. If your verification group allows another verification option, the fastest option is to do so (such as uploading a document).
  5. Finally, if all of these options are exhausted, you can send an e-mail to help@verifypass.com from the e-mail you were attempting to verify. Be sure to mention the e-mail of your VerifyPass account so we can mark it as verified. Please allow extra time for this request, as this becomes a manual process.