In most cases, applicants can easily verify with one of the allowed documents posted during verification. These include:

  • DD-214
  • LES, DFAS or TRICARE document
  • Veterans Affairs ID or VA Postal Letter
  • USAA Insurance Card (VerifyPass follows the same eligibility protocol as USAA)
  • Navy Federal Statement (screenshots from within the app are not sufficient)
  • Driver's License showing Veteran mark
  • G.I. Bill Statement of Eligibility

This document is examined for accuracy once and destroyed at the time of inspection.

In extremely rare cases, a members may not have access to such a document. For example, if a member has a DD Form 256, this will work perfectly fine in lieu of a DD-214. However, if a member cannot produce any verifiable document, they will not be able to proceed with verification until they retrieve a copy of their document.