In many cases, eligible healthcare workers attempt to verify using their work e-mail. Though this works great for most healthcare workers, but certain scenarios prohibit the use of e-mail as the sole means of verification.

Examples include:

  • .edu addresses: unless your university is solely¬†a medical university, we can't use your e-mail for verification. We realize that can be disappointing, but think about it: if 98% of the people with the same e-mail domain are students with no relation to anything medical, we're not doing our job. Many universities use something like for their e-mail, which are eligible to use e-mail for verification.
  • A typo in the e-mail domain. For example, instead of Check your e-mail carefully.
  • Other addresses which are unable to be validated. When we receive a domain for the first time, we'll run a check into making sure it's a legitimate healthcare employer. If the website appears new, unfinished, and we can't find anything about it online, it will be rejected.

In these cases, eligible healthcare workers can still complete verification by using an eligible document. You can upload a document by returning to the verification popup, and selecting the "Document" tab.