There's a few possibilities for uploading a document and not hearing back:

  1. You signed in with social media (facebook, google) which was attached to and old e-mail address you don't monitor. Note: before and after upload, we show you the e-mail where we'll be sending updates.
  2. Your document didn't actually upload. If your document uploaded successfully, your screen would display "Document Received" in large text at the top of the verification popup. Additionally, we would send an e-mail entitled "Document Received".
  3. In very rare cases the approval/denial e-mail simply fails to deliver.

During normal PST business hours, document upload occasionally takes a couple hours depending on how busy we are. However, it will never take multiple days, for instance. If you haven't received any follow-up e-mails after one day, it's for one of the two reasons above.

Here's a quick way to check and see if your document was approved:

  1. Visit your VerifyPass Member account
  2. If it's been less than three days, you'll still be logged in.
  3. Look at the top where your name is. If it says "Verified Groups", you're good to go! If your document wasn't accepted, or if it didn't upload properly, it will say "No Verified Groups".