VerifyPass releases codes provided by the merchant you're shopping with. This means VerifyPass doesn't know why a code isn't working as intended.

Before contacting the merchant, here are the top reasons why a code may not work:

  1. You have items in your cart which are not eligible for the discount. (Sometimes this includes subscription products, etc.). Be sure to check the page where you found out about the discount and see if the state any exceptions.
  2. Sometimes the code was copied wrong. If your code was mil-s5nZi72T, be sure to include the mil- on the front of the code.
  3. Most provided codes are 1-time use. If you already used your code, you'll need a fresh code from VerifyPass. This requires a minimum wait of 24 hours. Afterwards, you can receive a new code by visiting and using the search bar.
  4. In rare cases, there may be a configuration error with the merchant's VerifyPass partner account. If this is the case, the business you're shopping with will be able to get this fixed so your code can work as intended.

If none of these apply, you should contact the merchant and let them know:

  1. what code you received, and
  2. what items are in your cart