If you've completed verification with VerifyPass but are being prompted to verify again, there's a few possibilities:

  1. (Most Common) You verified under a different e-mail initially. For example, you created an account with E-Mail #1 and completed verification. You've now returned to VerifyPass several months later and clicked "Sign in with Facebook" (or Google). But, your Facebook is connected to E-Mail #2, so you're being prompted to "re-verify" because you technically just created a new account.
  2. You clicked a different group's button. If you're opening verification from a merchant website, sometimes people click the wrong verification group. For example, you're already verified as Military, but on the website you're visiting, you accidentally clicked Get Code underneath the Teacher group. So you're being asked to verify as a Teacher.
  3. You verified under a different group initially. Occasionally, certain groups can overlap, such as First Responders and Medical. Visit your Account page to check the groups you're verified as. If it shows No Verified Groups but you're certain you verified with VerifyPass before, refer to #1/#2 above.
  4. You verified under a group which expires. Most groups have no expiration for verification, however certain groups are prompted to re-verify once per year (such as Students and Disadvantaged).
  5. (Less Common) You deleted your account. If you visited your Account -> Delete Account -> then typed "I Understand", you would need to re-verify.

There are almost no occasions where we receive this question and it doesn't fall under one of the above scenarios. The #1 scenario accounts for the vast majority of them, due to how easy it can be to login with Facebook or Google and not realize it's attached to a different e-mail than you verified with initially (or vice versa).